Dr. Kauvar on TLC's Ten Years Younger: Dirk Hoehn


Dr. Kauvar on TLC's Ten Years Younger: Kerri Ann Lombardi


Dr. Kauvar Speaks about Mineral Makeup on Good Housekeeping


Dr. Kauvar on Midlife Matters blog Dr. Kauvar Answers Questions About Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Kauvar was featured on the National Women's Health Resource Center's Midlife Matters blog on August 7, 2009. General skin care, preventing wrinkles and other signs of aging were addressed. The blogger will post video next week of Dr. Kauvar actually performing some of the procedures discussed.

Dr. Kauvar on The View

Dr. Kauvar appeared on The View on July 8, 2009, demonstrating laser scar removal.

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